Safe, contactless menu display.

Turn your customer's mobile phone into a digital menu board.

No printing, touching or squinting required.

Smart WiFi Touchless Menu


Just let your guests know that they can view your electronic menu on their mobile phone by connecting their phone to the WiFi signal.


Have changes to your menu? No problem, you be able to make quick online changes to your menu if price or availability change.



Optionally, the Easy-Fi system can ask your guest for their

e-mail address so you can build loyalty and promote return visits!

An Easy Smart WiFi Touchless Menu is a simple plug-and-play device that plugs into your existing Internet router. It delivers your food & beverage menu to customers on THEIR MOBILE DEVICES through a WiFi signal.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How Touchless Menu Works


Use our drag and drop editor, or we will do it for you!

Turn On

Plug the Touchless Menu and Smart Wifi box into your router and turn it on.


Your menu will instantly be available to guests on WiFi-enabled devices.

Why are restaurants choosing Touchless Menus

  • 1.

    Eliminate unsafe contact.

    Reusable menus can enable the spread of COVID-19. Promote social distancing and reduce use of multi-touch items.

  • 2.

    Easy to use for all guests.

    User-friendly for the whole family, Touchless Menus eliminate the need for complex web addresses or instructions. Zoom feature for those that need readers.

  • 3.

    Save on printing costs.

    Control your costs as you reopen with eco-friendly digital menus. No more weekly trips to the copy shop!

  • 4.

    Save on printing costs.

    Control your costs as you reopen with eco-friendly digital menus. No more weekly trips to the copy shop!

  • 5.

    Update in real-time.

    Menu items might shift more than usual right now. Easily update menus in real-time with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor.

  • 6.

    Save staff time.

    Running a skeleton crew? We get it. Save staff from explaining complex ordering procedures by broadcasting the menu instantly.

Other Smart WiFi Features included

  1. Collects opted in guest emails & cell phone numbers

  2. Collects guest age & gender profiles

  3. Automated email and SMS alerts

  4. Automated birthday & guest loyalty campaigns

  5. Non returning guest automated alerts

  6. Grows your social following & guest check-in

  7.  Increased social following

What Our Customers Are Saying

Just what we needed

What a great idea! The Touchless Menu has already saved us on printing costs, and my guests can easily access and browse our menu while helping us build a customer email and text message marketing list. Super easy to use!

Guest love it!

Many of my guests feel more comfortable using their personal devices rather than touching a physical menu. We have been using this system for years to build our customer email and sms list.

Works perfectly

We wanted to find a good alternative to printing menus and this it. Super easy to use and even helps us build a customer marketing list. A++ service!

Update on the fly.

  • Customize your menu with our user-friendly drag-and-drop builder

  • Choose from a wide variety of templates or upload an existing menu graphic

  • Publish your menu for instant access!

Are you a partner or reseller?

Contact our partner team to find out how you can offer this solution to your clients.

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