Restaurant owners, don't let this happen to your guest!

QR codes do not work on all phones, but wifi based menus do!

Touchless menus are the new "Normal"

The restaurant business is changing rapidly in the face of unprecedented challenges. And as we have shown, “touchless” is going to be a big part of the new normal when it comes to menus and payments. A touchless menu allows customers to use their own smartphone to browse your menu without ever having to physically handle a paper menu.

Sounds great and "when" it works everyone is happy BUT this is the biggest issue with QR code based menus. They are not 100% reliable and at times do not work on everyone's phone. Guest experience is key within the service industry! Not all phones are QR code compatible and the last thing you want is your staff playing tech support to get it to work or make the guest download a QR reader app just to see your menu.

Smart Wifi Based Touchless Menus are the key to a fantastic guest experience as every phone has wifi and everyone knows how to open it up.

How it all works is simple

Guest open your wifi and boom... your nice clean & legible menu appears. Yes, its that simple.

WiFi-based touchless menus

Unlimited live menu updates Super easy for ALL guest to use Collects emails, cell phone numbers & Birthdays Sends out automated email and SMS alerts for you QR codes not needed but we do support and use them Full support Table stickers available See live examples below:

Fully Customized Text Based Touchless Menu

Image based Touchless Menu

Some may ask, why do I need a Touchless Menu?

As we focus on keeping customers safe and healthy, we need to reduce possible sources of infection. Unfortunately, menus might be the single biggest disease issue in your entire restaurant.

Good Morning America investigated and found that restaurant menus can contain 100 times more bacteria than the restaurant’s toilet seats. In fact, they swabbed menus and found an average of 185,000 bacteria on the surfaces. Yikes.... this is why toucless menus are quickly becoming the new normal.

That fact alone should be reason enough to at least offer a touchless menu option. If nothing else, it provides an option for your customers who may be seeking to have less contact with shared items (like menus) that could bring them into contact with disease-causing agents plus gives them peace of mind when it comes to safety.

To Learn more about WiFi Based Touchless Menus and all the functions please feel free to reach out to our team at 954-696-0882 or schedule an appointment here.

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