Promoting Online Ordering During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home and practice social distancing, many brick-and-mortar stores across the nation have been keeping their physical space closed off to guests for the time being. Now, more than ever, online ordering, paired with delivery or curbside pickup, is a necessity for retailers and eateries to reach their customers during these trying times.

For many businesses, this could mean either starting up an online ordering service from scratch, or needing to up productivity for its online ordering service. Either way, what’s just as important besides learning how to operate an online shop and delivery service is knowing how to promote it. Below are four quick and smart ways to promote an online shop and delivery service.

Touchless Menus

If your brick-and-mortar store is still able to have physical shoppers present at your location, take advantage of that opportunity by promoting your online service with a touchless menu™ and physical signage.

Touchless menus are digital versions of typical restaurant menus that guests physically handle at an eatery. However you go about creating a touchless menu, remember to add in promotional content for your delivery service so guests will be aware of it down the road.

As more states begin implementing stay at-home orders for its citizens, it’s possible that your store may end up not being able to accommodate in-store shoppers. By promoting your online ordering with physical signage, you’ll have made the most of your opportunity to serve physical shoppers by doubling down efforts to remind them of your online ordering service.

Smart Tip: Place signage where it’s more likely to be seen. Checkout aisles, seating sections, and even restrooms are all great places that helpful promotional piece so guests will know online ordering is available for them.


Most retailers and restaurants already promote their online service on their main website; but it’s where that service is being promoted on a website that makes the most difference. If you’re currently promoting online shopping services below the fold of your website, now’s the time to switch it up. Promote online ordering above the fold of your website to ensure guests see your online services the moment they hit your main web page. Or, any other page of your website for that matter.

Social Media

Social media consistently props itself up as one of the most powerful tools to growing a small business. Now’s the time for small businesses to take advantage of that marketing power to grow their online ordering service. You’ll want to be continually posting on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else your business has a social account for. Keep the messaging short and simple. Let guests know about your online shopping or ordering service, and you may want to consider sharing any promo codes or coupons that customers can enter in when shopping online.

Smart Tip: Increase the amount of exposure to your social posts with the help of Facebook Advertising. Facebook Ads will showcase your advertising pieces to people who aren’t even currently following your account. Need help with increasing your social media reach? Give us a call as we have a full digital marketing team ready to help.


If your email list is made of mostly people who have already patronized your business, then this is the marketing tool you’ll want to use to promote online ordering.

Keep the messaging in your email designs to the point. Promote online shopping services and add CTA buttons that are linked to page web page where guest can order. Add any promo codes as well to share with guests. During these difficult times, shoppers will be most appreciative from stores that continually the best deal financially.

Smart Tip: You’re going to want to have as many eyes viewing your emails as possible. Here are great ways to help keep your marketing emails out of the spam folder.

Are you looking for a way to create a touchless menu for your restaurant? Need to send out an eblast to guests to promote your online shopping tool? Here at Eas Smart WiFi, we have the tools and expertise to help you optimize your promotional material for your business’s online ordering and curbside pickup services. We encourage you to reach out and let us goals you are needing to accomplish during these times with COVID-19. We understand how different things have gotten for virtually all businesses and we are here to help as best as possible.

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