POS Systems and Guest WiFi Competing with Each Other

A growing misconception posits that guest WiFi systems have nothing to offer an advanced point of sale (POS) system. The truth is POS systems and guest WiFi are not in competition with one another. Each adds its value to the venue, but neither can accomplish the tasks of the other.

When used together, POS systems and guest WiFi allow businesses to get the most value.

Explaining Modern POS Systems

A POS system is the combination of software and hardware that a business uses to allow a customer to pay for products or services at their venue. A modern POS system is more than a cash register, scanner, and screen, though.

POS systems have evolved to incorporate online ordering, manage reservations, provide customer loyalty offers, and track a variety of statistics such as the estimated remaining inventory following a customer’s purchase.

Some POS systems also include menus and worker-facing readouts to enhance communication between the front-end and back-ends of a business.

Inherent Limitations of a POS System

Although it may seem like a POS system can do everything that a business venue requires to service its customers, the truth is that such systems have limitations.

POS systems are limited since they are designed to complete sales that are already 99% done. A POS system can offer discounts, finish an order, and send a digital receipt, but it will always lack the ability to draw in customers, delight them, and win them over.

That is where Easy Smart WiFi comes into play.

Unlocking POS Systems’ Potential with Guest WiFi

As we have said before, POS Systems and guest WiFi work best when they work together. These scenarios demonstrate the strengths of a unified system that includes both elements.

Capturing “Passer-Bys”

Driving sales to the POS system is critical to its success, and guest WiFi can do just that. People that walk through your venue without purchasing something may still connect to your WiFi system.

That gives you the chance to convert a sale that never would have happened otherwise. At the very least, you will gain an email address or information to start building a customer profile with the knowledge that a future email offer might lure them back.

Increasing Social Media Interactions

Logging into a guest WiFi system often piques the interest of users to check out the other promotions being offered by a venue.

Large or small, your business can benefit from customers checking out your social media pages to get the latest information about your offerings, especially if they “like” and “share” your content.

Promoting Loyalty Programs

The problem with a POS system offering a loyalty program is that customers stop thinking about it immediately after leaving the store. The Easy Smart WiFi system can send reminders via splash pages or emails.

As you can see, a unified system is better than a POS system independent of guest WiFi.

Learn more about the benefits of using Easy Smart WiFi in conjunction with your POS system to get the most from your business by setting up a live one on one demo to go over all the different features.

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