4 Reasons Why Restaurants Need a WIFI based Touchless Menu

Certain states such as Florida and Georgia have implemented new safety programs which will allow restaurants and retailers to open back their doors to customers with certain stipulations. At what capacity restaurants can seat their guests depends on each State, but the main goal of these new rules is to allow small businesses to begin operating again while still being mindful to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

One of the main challenges that restaurants will be looking to tackle is how to limit the physical contact between workers and patrons as much as possible. One item that comes to mind that

usually comes in contact with multiple hands in a day is a typical restaurant menu. If you are a restaurant owner or manager who is needing to change the way you share your menus with your guests, you’ll want to learn about a new digital menu tool that will display right on a guest’s smart phone – Touchless Menu.

The Touchless Menu tool, created by Easy Smart WiFi, is the quick fix for restaurants who are needing to switch a digital menu option for their business in speedy and price-efficient manner. Touchless Menu works by displaying a digital version of a restaurant’s menu via a running WiFi network. All guests need to do is connect to the restaurant’s WiFi and then they will the menu displayed right on their smart phone. There are also four other smart reasons for restaurants to switch to Touchless Menu.

Guests Will Feel More Comfortable

It is only fair we should assume people will want to limit the amount of items they touch throughout a day. Even if a restaurant switches over to disposable menus, it is still plausible for guests to rightfully assume that a disposable paper has been handles by a third party to some degree. Switching over to a digital menu that can be displayed on a guest’s smart phone creates a secure and trusted feeling for that customer. If you had the choice of using a disposable menu, or being able to view a restaurant’s entire menu right on your smart phone, which one would you choose?

Saves Time for Wait Staff

Going to disposal menus would could also mean having the staff spend timer stocking up on said menus throughout. If you are attempting to bring guests the menus when they are seated, that could mean a whole tedious process for attempting to safely transfer menus from the worker’s hands to the customer’s hands.

With Touchless Menu, a digital menu is readily available to every guest with a device to view it on (which these days means practically every adult and teenager). Guests who are waiting to be seated will also be able to view the menu which can help save time on ordering their meals once they are seated. By eliminating the need of trying to properly handle disposable menus, your work staff can place all their focus on providing food to guests in a safe and cleanly environment.

Reduce or even Eliminate Printing Costs

If you are looking to use disposal menus, be prepared for add on a new cost of continually having to print them. One of the reasons Easy Smart WiFi came up with Touchless Menu was because they understood that restaurants, especially family-owned eateries, will be needing to as strategic with their budget as possible.

The cost of paying for printed menus can fluctuate with the amount of guests that are asking to handle one. With Touchless Menus, you only pay a cost-efficient annual fee to showcase a digital menu that is readily available to any guest that connects to your guest WiFi.

Easily Update Menu Items

If you tend to make periodic changes to your menu selections, that can lead to constantly needing to change either your printed menus or physical menu display at the checkout counter. Touchless Menu comes with a simple drag-and-drop editor so restaurateurs can make needed menu changes in a matter of seconds.

Are you a restaurateur looking to reopen soon? Have you consider how you will handle the menu situation for your guests? Here at Easy Smart WiFi, we have multiple team members with years of food and hospitality experience and with their help, the Smart Wifi experts were able to come up with Touchless Menu. If you are wanting to offer a quick and efficient menu tool for guests to be able to access your menu at a moments notice, Touchless Menu is here to help. Contact us today or schedule a demo with us. We are readily available to help you turn your paper menus into digital menus.

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