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Connect with your customers when they're connected to you.

Data collection and marketing automation powered by your guest WiFi.


SMART WiFi gives venues the power to gather customer data through guest WiFi, then deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships.

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Touchless Menus 


  • Quick & easy for guest to access

  • Clean and save for all

  • Easy to make changes & updates

  • Saves on printing cost

  • Helps build guest loyalty


Drive Sales


  • Send trackable and redeemable coupon campaigns

  • Attract nearby customers with specific promotions

  • Increase online visibility through personal interactions

  • Send Bulk Email & SMS Blast with offers and coupons


Reinforce Your Brand

  • Customize WiFi login page and landing pages

  • Easily update content with user-friendly design

  • Control WiFi experience with branded messaging

  • Single page login

  • NEW Multi page login to promote services, events, specials etc...

  • NEW Ability to take surveys or ask questions on the login pages

  • Custom redirect links to increase your social media exposure, likes, followers and engagement.


Remarket and Build Loyalty

  • Send automated email, SMS, and social campaigns

  • Trigger personalized messaging based on guest actions or lack of actions

  • Reward loyal customers and encourage repeat visits

Get to Know Your Guests

  • Collect customer demographics to personalize experiences

  • Grow customer database and view guest profiles

  • Track guest loyalty and traffic patterns


Grow Social Following

  • Increase engagement with prompt to like or check-in

  • Build following and connect with the most important audience

  • Send personalized social messages

Increase WiFi Security

  • Isolate devices and provide additional security to guests

  • Protect back-office systems with captive portal

  • Limit WiFi use and block unwanted users


Plug-and-Play Integrations

  • Build on in-house systems with 1,000+ integrations

  • Hardware agnostic software works with existing guest WiFi

  • Get started easily and start growing your CRM

Start reaping the benefits of Smart WiFi with ease.
GO SMART WiFi is fully integrated with the following hardware platforms for hassle-free implementation.